Interested? We are currently looking for students to test out our curriculum in July 2019.


You (or your child) might be good fit if you:

  • Are aged 7-25*

  • Have an interest in gaming

  • Experience mental health challenges

*Even if you’re not in the age range, let us know! We’re open to testing our curriculum with a wide variety of people!


In around 7-10 lessons, you’ll create a basic 2D platformer that expresses your own personal story — with your own ideas, code, art, and sounds! At the end, you’ll be able to upload your creation and share it with the world!

game screenshot.png

WHAT You’ll LearN

code (2).png


Get a basic introduction to the C# scripting language and the Unity Game Engine.



Tell your own story through a video game, with a combination of code, art, writing, and sound.

paint-brush (1).png

Art + Music

You’ll also have the option of making your own game art assets and music!


“Joey’s teaching style has complimented my wild imagination when it comes to game design. Many times he has given me the freedom to explore on a high level what we want our game project to be while also giving me insights in regarding to common practice and convention that others have adhered to in software development. More often than not, I was given the freedom to go do my own thing, which has really helped my growth.”

What Makes Us Different


A focus on mental health

At Cheat Code Academy, we cater specifically for youth with mental health challenges. With Joey’s warm and welcoming personality, flexible teaching style, and his unique background in teaching, technology, and mental health, we do our best to accommodate you or your child’s needs. We focus on 1-on-1 and small group teaching settings to ensure you get the attention that you need!

Upcoming Games

Curious about what our community has created so far?

Over the past few weeks, a small group of volunteer programmers/artists/writers have been creating a game called, “The Chase”, conveying what it feels like to experience anxiety. Check out the game below!


Other Games

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