Released Games

Thought Simulator

Use the WASD keys to move around and the mouse/LMB to aim/shoot. Warning - you can accidentally shoot down positive thoughts, so be careful. There is no winning or losing... it's just supposed to be a relaxing simulation type thing

This game is a little bit more personal... wanted to try to convey my experiences with mental health through a game, and this is what I came up with :) Thanks to Alexa for creating the art and Jono for writing the music!

Radial Pong

GOAL: Keep the ball in the circle as long as possible.

Red objects will speed the game up and make it more difficult, and green power-ups will slow the game down and make it easier. Use the mouse to guide the paddle.

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Upcoming Games

The Chase

GOAL: Run and jump to stay alive! And collect charges to dash.

In this upcoming experimental game, we wanted to portray what it feels like to live with anxiety. Often times, it can be hard for people to understand and communicate something so complex. During the design process, it generated discussions and reflections about our own mental health experiences as well, which was really cool as well!

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